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I started planning my workouts and nutrition schedule so here’s a rough overview keep in mind I will be going into more detail everyday. But I am looking to workout 6 days a week with an active recovery day on the 7th day. My splits are going to be starting with day 1 Chest with a light emphasis on shoulders. Day 2 will be legs and abs. Day 3 Back with a light emphasis on traps. Day 4 Active recovery. Day 5 Shoulders with a light emphasis on chest. Day 6 Legs and abs. Day 7 Traps with a light emphasis on lower back.

As far as nutrition goes I will try to do a variant of intermittent fasting, I will limit myself to 2 meals a day for the first 3 weeks then one meal a day with coffee (black) for the next 3 weeks. The biggest Hurdle I see other than being hungry is monitoring my water intake. I am notorious for forgetting to hydrate. So i will concentrate on trying to drink at least a gallon and a half a day.

Well that’s the general overview, i’m excited to get this started and track my transformation.